Are you thinking of adding a unique piece of furniture or two to your bedroom to transform the way the room looks? A vintage wardrobe closet will add more than enough interest to the bedroom. The elaborate design of a vintage wardrobe will easily define any room and create a new focal point in the room where the eye is naturally drawn to. Vintage wardrobe closets come in different sizes. This makes it easy to find a befitting closet for every size of bedroom, from small studio spaces to extravagant master bedrooms. The more elaborate the wardrobe, the greater the amount of space you require to house it. Bear this in mind when picking your closets, and always weigh the size against the space available in the bedroom.

Because the vintage wardrobe will play more than an ornamental role in the bedroom, it pays to ensure that the closet is suited for your lifestyle. If you have a large number of clothes and other grooming items, search for a vintage closet that is big enough to accommodate all your clothes. This is especially so if you do not have an additional wardrobe that can hold your clothes. Thankfully, there are large vintage wardrobe closets that can adequately cater to your needs. If you do not have much space in the bedroom, a small vintage wardrobe will serve its role well, while adding that retro appeal you’re looking for.  Take note of how spacious the wardrobe is on the inside. Choose a model that has drawers to increase its versatility. Drawers make it possible for you to store a variety of items safely and conveniently, something you don’t get from a wardrobe that has no drawers.

Some vintage wardrobe closets are plain in design. Some are more ornate and elaborate. In bedrooms where the rest of the furniture is elaborate, choose an elaborate vintage wardrobe to blend in with the style. The same applies when your bedroom furniture is made in a simple design – a simple vintage wardrobe will fit right in. Vintage wardrobe closets are made from hardy wood types, notably mahogany, pine and walnut among others. These are sturdy, highly durable and have a remarkable lifespan. Because of this superior material quality, vintage wardrobes last a long time. You’ll enjoy using your closet for years and may end up passing it down to your grandkids if you overcome the urge to sell it.

Most people will rearrange the bedroom and do some form of makeover every few years. If you’re at this stage but don’t want to let go of your vintage wardrobe closet, consider painting the wardrobe to match the look of your new furniture. This way, your vintage closet retains its uniqueness without looking out of place in the room.

A vintage wardrobe closet adds a whimsical retro look while meeting all your closet storage needs. Choose one in a size that will adequately cater to your storage needs in order to maximize its usage.