Vintage Bedroom UK

The timeless nature of vintage furniture means it enjoys popularity decade after decade. As part of the popularity is entranced by the ultra modern designs of contemporary furniture, another section craves the charming simplicity of the furniture of yore and will be scouting the antique section in stores when others are looking at the latest design displays. If you’re among the group that is intrigued by vintage home ware, consider bringing this rustic charm into the bedroom with vintage bedroom furniture. A range of vintage items for the bedroom are available all across the UK and can be shipped to your residence in just a few days.

How do you choose which vintage pieces to pick for your bedroom? By deciding which furniture you want the bedroom to be defined by. Do you want all your furniture to be vintage or do you only want to add a few vintage pieces to what you currently have in the room? Begin by answering this question. The first option gives you a true vintage look and will entail buying a vintage bed, dresser, chest, wardrobe/armoire, vanity and storage boxes. Complete the look by adding vintage accessories and painting your bedroom in vintage colors – warm and soft pastel hues are the best for bringing out the retro look. The second option is great when you don’t want to go all out and create an all-new rustic look. To get the look, add one or two signature vintage bedroom pieces to your current bedroom. You’ll need to pick items that are large and easily visible to bring out the vintage setting clearly. Used alongside a few vintage accessories, this will give your bedroom a lovely and inviting retro atmosphere.

Most vintage bedroom furniture can be used as is without any modifications being done on it. However, before deciding to do so, inspect each item thoroughly to ensure that it poses no safety threat to you and anyone else who may use it. Should you feel that your chosen vintage pieces need a little retouching, by all means restore them to the level you’re comfortable with. Good restoration of vintage furniture makes the furniture usable while preserving its traditional beauty. So retain as much of its original design as possible because this is where the real value of vintage furniture lies.

The vintage bedroom furniture sold in the UK is sourced from around the world and represents different eras. You can get details about each piece before buying to understand its history and origin. Individual pieces that will give your bedroom an enchanting rustic look are vintage beds, vintage nightstands, vintage headboards  vintage dressers, vintage chests of drawers, vintage armoires, vintage wardrobes, vintage mirrors, vintage storage boxes, vintage jewelry boxes, vintage benches, vintage chairs/armchairs and vintage bookcases. Add accessories such as vintage table lamps, coat hangers, alarm clocks, vintage curtains and vintage bedding to strengthen the effect.

Make vintage heritage part of your lifestyle with vintage bedroom furniture. Vintage bedroom sets and stand-alone furniture pieces to help you nail this look are widely available in the UK.