Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors add warmth to any space. In the bedroom, they are the perfect addition to imbue elegance. Use them on the wardrobe and dresser and watch as they light up this furniture, turning it into the focal point of the room. The mirrors come in a wide variety, with different designs signifying different periods from the vintage era. The form and design of mirrors changes after a few years, so most vintage mirrors are particular to a specific decade. In furnishing our bedroom, you may want to include mirrors from a certain era or combine vintage mirrors from two or more eras. Confirm whether the mirrors you’re picking are indeed from the period you want.

Venetian mirror style is one of the designs you may pick. These are designed much like picture frames but with greater artistic detail. Vintage French mirrors are another type you can go for. These tend to have a decorative panel at the top. In some mirrors, this design extends round the frame and onto the bottom part. A French mirror mounted on your dresser will give your bedroom a royal-like, elegant look. If you would like something more elaborate, Rococo mirrors are a great option. They feature plenty of curves, gilding and have a wide variety of motifs carved onto the frame. More vintage mirror styles to choose from are Neo Classical, Chippendale, Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, baroque, gothic, regency and art nouveau.

Each vintage mirror is defined by things like the frame, design and shape. Some come in delicate styles while others are more solid. The mirror frame can have a pewter design, be lacquered, gilded, thick or narrow. The most common frame shapes used over the years are oval, round and rectangle, and you’ll find these used liberally across the different periods. Vintage mirror frames are made from materials like wood and metal, with good and silver used on the more opulent designs. Some vintage mirrors have stained glass. These are the best choices for aesthetic appeal. Have them mounted on the headboard, wardrobe doors or nightstand.

When choosing vintage mirrors, be careful to pick ones that complement the decor and design of your bedroom. Examine how the shape of the mirror fits in with your room design, then you’ll be able to tell whether a round, oval or rectangle mirror will look good in the room.  Consider the size of the mirror in relation to the size of your bedroom. The last thing you want is a mirror that looks oversized in a small bedroom. Or one that appears miniature in a large bedroom. The mirror should also be proportional to the furniture on which it will be used, whether this is the dressing table, wardrobe or nightstand.

Add style to your bedroom with vintage mirrors. Available in a wide range of designs and types, vintage mirrors will help add definition to your bedroom, allowing you to create a specific ambience and mood in the room. Use them on your headboard, nightstands, dressers, wardrobes, shoe closets and bedroom vanities.