Chest of Drawers

Perhaps you’ve had the same look in your bedroom for so long that you no longer enjoy the private moments you spend in there. If you’ve hit these boring waters, it may be time to add something unusual to your bedroom display. Something like antique bedroom furniture. A little vintage charm is more than enough to turn your bedroom into a vibrant and interesting space. Best of all, the furniture you choose can still perform its primary functional role while playing an aesthetic role in the bedroom. A good place to start is with a vintage chest of drawers. This will give you adequate space in which to store your clothes and other personal items while boosting the style appeal of your bedroom.

When choosing a vintage chest of drawers, pick a model that will serve your storage needs well. It won’t be practical to have a chest of drawers that is rich in rustic aesthetics but offers little to meet your storage requirements. Fortunately, choosing the right size of vintage drawer chest will eliminate this problem. Even back in the day, chests of drawers were built in varying sizes to meet the diverse needs of different people. There are large chests that will be right at home in a large bedroom and smaller units that are more suitable for smaller bedrooms. Many other models fall between the extremely large and small, making it possible to find a chest of drawer in an average size.  When setting out to buy your chest, it will be helpful to take with you the measurements of the space you have set aside for the chest. Use your measurements to weed out the too small and too big units and eliminate the likelihood of going back home with the wrong size of vintage chest of drawer.

Another factor to consider when choosing a vintage chest of drawers is how the unit fits in with the rest of the bedroom furniture. You won’t be using the chest in isolation. As such, it is good to choose a unit that complements the bed, dresser, nightstands and storage cabinets in the room. Vintage furniture blends well with other styles of furniture so you’ll have an easy time adding your chest to the existing furniture, be it contemporary, traditional, country, shabby chic, mid-century modern or transitional. Check also the number of drawers available. Many vintage chests offer a minimum of 3 drawers and as many as 8 drawers. Choose a drawer umber that corresponds to your needs. If you have plenty to store, you’ll need a chest with more drawers than someone with only a few items to store.

Buying a vintage chest of drawers may be all you need to create interest in your bedroom. Available in a choice of sizes, these chests allow you to store your favorite clothes and other small personal items carefully and safely. Best of all, vintage chests fit in well with other furniture styles and will naturally blend with your other bedroom furniture.