Bedside Tables

Vintage bedside tables and nightstands decorate your bedroom in a commemorative, adorable way. Going for a vintage bedside table or nightstand is the best choice for your home decor because apart from it being attractive, it also has qualities that make it exceptionally very unique from other bedside tables and nightstands in the market.

Despite being small and compact, nightstands end up housing a lot of different things including alarm clocks, reading materials, TV remotes, lamps, cellphones and water glasses. When getting a vintage bedside table or nightstand, you should consider its ability to accommodate all these things which was considered a crucial characteristic by vintage manufacturers. These handy tables are mostly for storage but they also play a decorative role by anchoring the look of your bed.

Vintage bedside tables and nightstands should serve double-duty as functional and aesthetic accessories for your bed. They should include several shelves and drawers that match the style and finish of the rest of the bedroom furniture to avoid contrast. Other than wood and earth colors, you can choose either black or white nightstand for your vintage bedroom theme. Nightstands and bedside tables are made of different sizes with most being fairly small with varying heights. A nightstand that is too short or too tall is both uncomfortable to use and awkward looking when placed next to a taller or shorter bed. Look for a bedside table that is within a few inches of the top of your mattress. The nightstand should be proportional to the width of the bed so as not to overpower it or appear too small. Consider also the size of the room, as a large room needs bigger furniture while narrow furniture looks fine in a smaller room.

It’s also important to know the style of nightstand that best suits your bedroom. Although your bedside tables don’t need to perfectly match the rest of the furniture of your bedroom, they should be part of the same design family. Do not mix too many wood types as they can easily clash. If the rest of the furniture is of a bright color, then consider going for a bright colored nightstand. A traditional style bedroom set often includes a matching set, but you can use vintage pieces to add more character. If you already have a different style of bedroom set, make your bedroom more functional by buying an additional vintage bedside table and placing it on one side of the bed.

Having the right furniture within your home eases the organization of your space and helps determine how you use your rooms. It makes each room in your house functional and enables the right balance of practicality and aesthetics, which can make a big difference in your home. There is a wide range of vintage bedside tables that can work perfectly as a complementary product to other furniture items in your bedroom, such as a wooden dressing table or ornate mirror. Get a pair of these vintage accessories and give your bedroom the stylish edge it deserves.