Bedroom Sets

The quality of vintage bedroom sets remains high even at present time, which explains why demand for vintage bedroom suites never wanes. Buying a vintage set of bedroom furniture guarantees you the finest quality of furniture, because these products are made from premium solid wood. Only strong woods like oak and mahogany are used in making vintage bedroom units. The result is sturdy, durable furniture that can be used for years without wear. Because of this high quality, the price of wooden vintage bedroom furniture may be a lot higher than that of other types of furniture. But the benefits and longevity of service far outweigh any financial setbacks you suffer during purchase.

The largest percentage of vintage bedroom sets is made from solid wood, but sets made from metal, notably wrought iron, are also available. There are many different designs of bedroom sets to choose from, and they are varied enough to match different preferences. When buying a vintage bedroom set, ensure that you choose the size right. Otherwise you risk going home with a set only to take it back to the store because some pieces were too big for your bedroom. The two best size guides in the set are the bed and the dresser. Being the largest pieces of furniture in the set, these take up the biggest amount of space in the room. Check their size against the room size you have back at home. Take measurements of available space with you when going to the store to minimize the margin of error.

The furniture units making up a vintage bedroom set are made in proportion to each other. Sizes are standardized as per the standard bed sizes, so you get to choose from single bed bedroom sets, double bed bedroom sets, queen bed bedroom sets and king size bedroom sets. This makes it easy to decide which size is perfect for your bedroom. Compare the size of the bed with the space you have available to see if it will be a good fit, bearing in mind that there has to be enough space left after you’ve placed your bed for the other furniture items. Typically, vintage bedroom sets comprise of a bed, dresser, chest of drawers, wardrobe, pair of nightstands and mirrors. Some sets may also have a trunk, vanities and headboards. Bedroom sets with a higher number of items may attract a higher price than sets with fewer items, so bear this in mind when planning your budget. The individual design of the bedroom set may also have an effect on the size of the furniture. Furniture made in elaborate designs tends to be bulkier than that which is made in a simple design. Before settling for the vintage bedroom set with the most intricate design at the store, ensure that your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate each piece.

Enhance the style appeal of your bedroom with a vintage bedroom set. Vintage bedroom sets are exquisitely built with all the structural excellence of vintage workmanship and the accompanying traditional aesthetic.