Bedroom Chairs

The ancient charm of vintage furniture never goes unnoticed. Vintage furniture items hold a magical attraction with the power to strongly alter the personality in a room and always stand out from the rest of the furniture used in the room. Adding a few vintage furniture items to your bedroom is an excellent way of creating interest in the room. Works great if you’ve had the same interior decor in the room for years and are yearning for a change. Something seemingly as basic as a vintage bedroom chair is all you need to transform the way your bedroom looks and feels.

How do you pick the right vintage chair for your bedroom? The first thing you’ll need to do is factor in how the chair would look amidst your bedroom decor. Take note of things like size, design and color. This can make one vintage chair a better choice than another. The size of the chair is determined by the size of your bedroom. The only caveat is: don’t buy a vintage bedroom chair that will look oversize in a small bedroom. When space is not a challenge, the chair can be of any size. Big or small, you can make the chair the point of attraction in the room; it already has plus points because of its unique design and so it will easily stand out. Help along by minimizing clutter around the chair and ensuring that you don’t place any other large furniture next to the chair as this would inadvertently draw the eye from the chair to the adjacent furniture.

The oldest vintage bedroom chairs in the market are about 40 years old, 50 years when stretched. Depending on the style of the day at the time when the chair was designed, it can be quite ornate or more plain in design. Overall though, many vintage furniture items are exquisite and very detailed. Their style and design is remarkably different from the clean furniture designs of today, yet another factor which makes them stand out all the more. Intricately carved frames and details make up for the lack of color variation in the furniture. In a bedroom where the style is very subtle, a vintage chair with exaggerated curves will create the sharp contrast needed to create interest. A less ornate vintage bedroom chair is more fitting in a rather busy bedroom.

Your vintage bedroom chair can be purely ornamental or functional. It can also serve both purposes. If buying one for ornamental intents, style is a bigger concern than form. Pick a vintage chair with a catchy design and a strong persona. The more aesthetically appealing the chair is, the better suited it will be for the bedroom. For a vintage bedroom chair that you plan to sit on every now and then, structure and stability are additional concerns to think about. If this is the only chair you intend to use in the bedroom, then form becomes the greater consideration and aesthetics come a distant second. Check that the frame is sturdy and the joints intact.

A vintage bedroom chair will turn your bedroom into a spell-binding space where you feel completely at home. Pick one in a size that is right for your bedroom and enjoy the difference it brings to the room.