Vintage Bedroom Accessories

Getting an ideal looking bedroom involves careful planning and designing. More often than not, you’ll need to incorporate a number of styles into your decor to attain the desired look. Have you thought of incorporating vintage bedroom accessories  into your bedroom design plans? If not, you’re missing out on the most versatile way to decorate your bedroom. Vintage bedroom accessories are many and diverse in type and style. This broad diversity ensures that everyone can find pieces that match their personal style and bring out the intended design effect. Combine large and small accessories to create an appealing blend that breaks any monotony using accessories of a similar size may bring.

Must have vintage bedroom accessories include vintage lamps, vintage clocks, vintage mirrors, vintage rugs, vintage drapes and curtains, vintage mini bookshelves, vintage vanity pieces, vintage bedding, vintage chairs or benches and vintage display racks or cabinets. Each of these accessories has a charming allure and will impact the room whether used on its own or in combination with other accessories. The beauty about using bedroom accessories is that they are easy to arrange around bigger pieces of furniture. When using vintage accessories, the rest of the furniture in the room can be in any style, from modern to shabby chic, traditional and country. The accessories will not alter the decor style in any way but will enhance the richness of the room ambience.

Vintage lamps are easy to add to the bedroom. You don’t need any special props to hold them. Simply place them on your bedside table and they instantly become magnetic. For the best effect, use a pair of matching lamps, one on each side of the bed. Complement their display with a vintage alarm clock. If you can’t find a functional vintage clock, buy an ornamental one. Its presence on the nightstand will add rustic elegance to your bed. Add a vintage rug or mat on the side of your bed and step into its warmth and soft textures every time you get out of bed. Beyond the comfort it adds to your floor, a vintage rug greatly boosts the style of your bedroom, giving definition to the floor an making the room appear warm. The same can be said of vintage curtains and beddings. Use them to soften the look of your bedroom, especially if you have a lot of concrete designs and hard lines on your furniture.

If your bedroom is large, place a vintage display rack or cabinet on one side of the room. Here, you can display a few collectibles and prized items you’re proud to have. Because your bedroom is largely private, these can be a reminder of your achievements, places you’ve been, people you’ve interacted with and the concepts you hold dear. You’ll find them a worthy pick-me-up on days when discouragement sinks in.

The wide variety of vintage bedroom accessories in the market ensures that you have plenty of decorative pieces to use in your bedroom. Explore the different designs of vintage lamps, vintage mirrors, vintage vanities, vintage storage boxes and more that you can adopt for your space.