Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Vintage bedroom furniture will add subtle style to your home and give you the chance to experience the serenity and heartwarming allure of traditional ambience. For individuals who are considering doing the occasional makeover, it’s about time you experimented with this timeless style. Use one of two approaches: create a partial vintage look or create a total vintage look. Both decor styles will leave you with a refreshing bedroom that has merged the traditional and the modern fashionably. There are no hard rules on what you can or cannot do so feel free to go with the design idea that appeals to you most.

The partial vintage style is ideal for anyone who is not ready to let go of their existing furniture style. Here, you choose one of two vintage furniture pieces and add them to your existing bedroom furniture. An alternative approach is choosing your desired vintage bedroom furniture first, and then adding the rest of the furniture in your preferred style, whether contemporary, traditional, country or trendy. The complete vintage look approach aims to have allĀ  your bedroom furniture made in the vintage style. The easiest way to attain this look is by buying vintage bedroom sets, where you get the bed, nightstands, chest of drawers, dresser, wardrobe and headboard in a matching vintage design. You may also opt to buy each piece of vintage bedroom furniture individually, an option that allows you to play around with different designs and come up with a custom look that is a mix of more than two vintage designs.

Vintage beds in most cases set the pace for the vintage look in the bedroom. Not surprising, given that the bed is the largest and most conspicuous piece of furniture in the bedroom. Vintage beds are ornately designed and constructed, with very elaborate frames and headboards where these are made available. They come in all the standard sizes, so you will easily find a bed in your desired size. Decker beds, bunk beds, loft beds and trundle beds are some of the popular types of beds available in the vintage style. They come in a range of designs too, with poster beds, platform beds and platform beds being among the most popular.

The vintage chest of drawers is the other major piece of furniture you need to consider when planning your vintage bedroom decor. Vintage chests come in a range of sizes, from small three drawer chests to large, double-sided eight drawer chests. Available in both tall and wide varieties, vintage chests of drawers play a big role in making the vintage look come alive in the bedroom. Always ensure that the chest you choose is of the right size, first as determined by the available space in the bedroom and second, as dictated by your storage needs. Consider what needs storing and how much of it will need to go into the drawers. Clothes, clothing accessories, towels, beddings, insoles for your shoes, purses and small bags, booklets, magazines, jewelry, and a range of other personal items can all be stored in the chest. If you have a lot of items that need to go into the chest, choose a design that is large and spacious enough to accommodate all your stuff. This means choosing a chest with a higher number of drawers. But that’s not all. The drawers also have to be deep enough to house any bulky items that need to be stored in the chest.

Vintage dressers and wardrobes are the third and final category of large bedroom pieces you can buy. Like other furniture, both come in different sizes and should be chosen depending on available placement space and storage need. Resist the urge to buy very large units if your bedroom is small as the space will only end up looking crowded rather than neat and well planned, which is how you want your vintage decor to look. Choose a design that resonates with the rest of the furniture and one that you identify with. Some designs are elaborate and detailed; others are more plain and simple. Some dressers come complete with a mirror, some don’t have a mirror, in which case you’ll need to buy the mirror separately. Because the dresser is vintage-style, a vintage mirror will be the best accompaniment for it. Good thing is vintage mirrors aren’t hard to come by, plus they are available in a broad variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Besides design, size is the other important factor to consider when picking a vintage wardrobe. As with a chest of drawers, choose a wardrobe that is big enough for your clothes and coats.

Other bedroom furniture you may consider buying includes vanities, armoires, bookshelves, benches, recliners, trunks and storage boxes. It is okay to combine functional pieces with aesthetic pieces. That said, it is important to note that even the most functional of vintage furniture has a high aesthetic value and will remain decorative even as it serves its intended purpose. Most vintage bedroom furniture is made from solid wood, which was the material in demand back in the day. Metal was also heavily used during this time, and as a result, wrought iron vintage pieces are just as widely available. Both of the materials used to make vintage pieces are very durable and hardwearing, with the potential to last for decades. This explains why vintage furniture remains just as solid and sturdy nearly 50 years into use. Buying antique bedroom furniture is therefore more than a step towards finding a decorating style that defines you. It is also a form of investment. Should you choose to sell your furniture in future, you can be sure that it’ll fetch you a considerable fortune. An even more fulfilling way to dispose of it is by passing it down to your offspring. It’s one of the best things from decades gone by that you can gift them with.

Create an all-new bedroom using choice vintage bedroom furniture. Durable, sturdy and beautiful, vintage furniture will add a rich, warm and cozy ambience to your bedroom.