Vintage Headboards

Headboards are like a magic wand that turns the bed into a captivating fairyland. A headboard can transform a plain looking bedroom into a stylish space without you having to change anything else in the room. The kind of headboard you choose depends on the style you want to embrace. Among the most expressive headboards you can opt for is a vintage headboard. With a vintage headboard, you effortlessly incorporate vintage style to your bedroom. Vintage headboards are generally large in size. They feature ornate designs and eye-catching detailing, just what is needed to brighten an otherwise plain-looking bedroom.

Plain vintage headboards  are bereft of any cushioning and upholstery. But their large frames and elaborate curves are exceptional and uniquely captivating. They come in plain wood or wrought iron, the two materials commonly used back in the vintage eras. The value of vintage headboards hardly depreciates, owing to the good quality of the frames used to structure the pieces. Unlike modern headboards that are made from veneer and other forms of engineered wood, wooden vintage headboards are only made from solid wood. This ensures that they are of sound quality and have the longevity that will see them last for years without coming apart.

Upholstered vintage headboards are the second category of headboards you can go for. They are exquisite and finely designed to shine in any space. Use them to add a luxurious feel to the bedroom. While they look exceptionally good when framing a large bed, they can also be used on smaller beds. Vintage upholstery materials are heavy but soft and comfortable. They therefore make good cushioning to prop against when reading in bed. The headboard upholstery can be simple or elaborate. Plain upholstery designs feature little more than the padding and cover material stitched together in a simple way. The stitching and design of elaborate upholstered vintage headboards is more conspicuous and screams to be noticed. The headboard fabric may be tufted, buttoned, embroidered or detailed in other similar bold method.

Because vintage headboards come in different sizes, it is possible to find one in a size that is just right for your bed. Sizes range from the overly large to the wide and tall, narrow and tall, average and small. Pick a size that matches your bed size, taking care to ensure that the headboard hanging over a small bed frame isn’t too big as to overshadow the bed. Both wooden and metal vintage headboards can be painted over to match the room’s decor. This only means that when you see a beautifully crafted vintage headboard that you would love to add to your bedroom but which is a complete opposite of the room colors you’ve used, you don’t have to forego it. Buy it and then paint it in your desired color to match the rest of the room.

Add beautiful flair to your bedroom with the use of a vintage headboard. Vintage headboards are elaborately designed and are an excellent way to add rustic charm to the bedroom.