Vintage Floral Bedding

Your bedroom is for sure a place where you want to be most comfortable. This is a room where you will want invest the most comfy, cozy, stylish and elegant items. The beddings you invest in should be of high quality. Your beddings should help you present your personality and make a statement as to the style you prefer. Vintage floral bedding items have been in use for many decades. Vintage items are not old enough to be considered antiques. This has some significance because vintage floral bedding should still be in good condition to allow you use it for a long time. When buying vintage floral bedding, you need to factor in the following:

Vintage floral bedding can either be new or used. When shopping for your unique and fashionable bedding items, you need to establish this so as to know the item’s quality. While it might prove to be difficult to find floral bedding that has never been used, there is always a chance that a person had an extra pair of bed sheets which they never got a chance to use. Shops could also be having new items which could possibly have remained as dead stock for several decades – this is highly unlikely. On the other hand, the most probable vintage floral bedding that you will find is that which has been ‘gently’ used. Because you really don’t know why a person would be selling their vintage floral bedding items, it is of paramount importance that you carefully scrutinize every detail.

Determine the era or age that you want to buy your vintage bedding from. It is almost impossible to find a pair of bed sheets that date back to the 16th century. It is only plausible and reasonable that you expect to find such floral vintage items dating back to at most 100 years. However, for many people, vintage bedding simply falls between 2 to around 7 decades old. The material used to make vintage floral bedding matters a lot because it helps you determine whether the bedding is genuine and original. If you are looking for high quality vintage floral bed sheets, you will most likely find label tags written ‘do not wrinkle’, ‘no iron’ and so on. Many of the bedding items that qualify as vintage were made from pure cotton. High floral bedding is also a sign that your preferred item is indeed vintage.

Most of the vintage floral bedding items sold today have been in store for many years. Due to the long time the items have been stored, they may acquire a strong smell. You can easily tell if the item you are about to buy is vintage or not. If without a unique mothball smell, then the item is most likely new. The good thing about these smells is that you can easily remove them with a softener or a few washes. There will be no need to bleach as you could very easily rid your vintage floral bedding item of its colorfulness.