Vintage Crib Bedding

Often times, we are struck with the originality of some furniture item at a local store or an antique shop. While buying a new item will give you a plethora of benefits to sample and enjoy, vintage items also present you with suave distinctive originality and style. Your child will enjoy the comfort and design of any vintage crib bedding that you install in their bedroom. When shopping for cribs which are both vintage in style and age, you need to factor in a number of things. Here are some of the things which guarantee you high quality vintage bedding items when carefully considered.

Quality matters. Whether you are buying a new crib or a previously owned one, you must check out its quality. Just because a vintage crib bedding item was made decades or centuries ago doesn’t mean that it is of impeccable quality. Just as you are likely to encounter a new modern product that is made of substandard materials and wanting labor, so are the vintage beddings. A good way to pick high quality items is by personally checking them out and not relying on the salesman vouching talk.

Learn the terms used in vintage selling business. Going to a market where everyone speaks a foreign language can be daunting for you to say the least. Vintage business has its own code of communication. If you are unaware of the terms used here, you might end up feeling lost or even buying something you wouldn’t have had you prepped yourself. Know what is meant when words like feet, legs, bombe, patina and stretcher are used.

Consider the era of the vintage crib you’re buying the bedding for. The first thing you do when shopping for a vintage item is establish the era you want to pick from. Some of the common eras that you will find prominently featured in many vintage crib designs include William and Mary, Victorian, Louis XV, or even Georgian. On top of checking the era, you should also check out the different origins such bedding items might have come from. You can choose Dutch, American, French, and English or oriental styled bedding.

Check whether the crib has any defects. Being a used item, your preferred vintage crib is likely to come with some defects. When checking for defects, ensure that the frame is intact. A weak frame means that the crib might collapse or fail to hold for a long time. Learn ways of picking out defects and if unable to do so, have someone help you out. Use these defects in the item to bargain for a lower price.

Consider the functionality of the vintage crib bedding that you are thinking of. Different eras had their own unique styles and themes. Some eras had no problem with cribs that took as much space as a grownup’s bed. If you are living in a studio apartment, you might need to seriously consider the amount of space, style and even the theme of your crib.