Vintage Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom area rugs are an important accessory in the bedroom, one that not only helps in setting the style of the room but also plays a role in softening the look of the room so it looks warm and welcoming. These rugs areĀ  aesthetic creations that easily blend the traditional and the modern. They go well with many decor styles and can be successfully incorporated into any style theme. Depending on the size of your bedroom and the ambience you would like to create, you can use one vintage bedroom rug or several.

Vintage bedroom rugs come in a range of organic materials. Silk, cotton, wool and silk are the most common material choices in vintage rugs. They are very soft to the touch, which makes them very comfortable to step on, thus qualifying as ideal bedside rugs. The rugs come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Use a thick rug in a high traffic area where the rate of wear is likely to be high. Using a thinly woven rug in such a part of the bedroom means you’ll need to replace the rug after a short while as the rug wears out quickly, which can become quite costly in the long run. In choosing which rug to choose in a particular part of the bedroom, consider the purpose the rug will be playing. The location of the rug can make it purely functional or aesthetic. The rug can also serve both functional and aesthetic roles.

Vintage bedroom carpets used for aesthetic purposes are very colorful and well designed. Their main purpose in the room is to boost the room’s style so they will soften the room and enhance the ambience. Rugs that are functional in nature tend to be strong, tightly woven and very durable. They are designed to provide ample cushioning for the feet and be a reliable floor covering. Still, nearly all functional rugs have an aesthetic aspect and act as an attraction in the room, in addition to being functional accessories.

So should you choose a large vintage bedroom rug or a small one? It all comes down to your individual preference and the desired effect. In a small bedroom, all you need to create impact is a small rug placed beside the bed. You can buy a rug that is big enough to go under the bed, so that you have a little of the rug on each side of the bed. A wall-to-wall rug can also be a good alternative when it is chosen in a color that is not overpowering. In a large bedroom, you can have several rugs of different sizes zoning off different areas of the bedroom.

Use vintage rugs to ignite style in your bedroom. Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, these rugs go well with many decor styles, and can be used in bedrooms that are designed in a contemporary style, traditional style or any of the other styles that fall in between.