Vintage Bedding Sets

An attractive bedroom calls you to spend more time in the room. When your bedding is soft and cozy, every moment you spend lying on the bed feels luxurious and relaxing. Let your bedding make a style statement by choosing vintage bedding sets in a fitting size. Their quality and stylish design is all you need to transform your bed into a cushy spot where you can sleep, sit or otherwise relax. Beyond their good quality, they are an easy way to inject a vintage angle to your bedroom decor. The fact that they blend well with other decor styles makes it easy to add complementing vintage bedding sets to a traditionally themed or modern themed bedroom design.

Vintage bedding sets come complete with matching bed sheets, pillow covers and sometimes duvets. Having one or two sets ensures that you never run out of styling ideas for your bed and you can change your bedding from time to time to bring out the different styling personalities each set bears. When choosing your vintage bedding sets, consider the general decor of the bedroom and then select a set that will harmonize the look. Your set can either match the existing room colors or it can be a complete contrast. The latter adds a dramatic effect to the bed and is a good move when you want to make the bed really stand out. If you’ve used plenty of bright colors in the room, choose a bedroom set in a subtle hue to tone down the look. Alternatively, it can match one of the more prominent colors in the look to add some symmetry and create a unified look. If the room is furnished in monotone, a busy bedding set will liven up the room. Pick a set in a bright color or one that is multicolored for even greater impact.

The choice of floral or printed vintage bedding sets over plain ones and vice versa is a purely personal one and will largely be determined by your individual style preference and the look you intend to create. However, floral vintage bedding sets have a charm and beauty that is hard to resist and are naturally the preferred choice for many people looking to buy vintage. The sets can feature a hard, intricate design or a soft, barely-there design. If you’ve furnished the bedroom in a uni color, choose a vintage bedding set with a rich floral or print design to enliven the room. The brighter the colors of your set, the better a job it will do in adding life to the space. If you already have too much of color and pattern on the walls and soft furnishings, a subtle floral design on your bedding set will effectively tone down the look and minimize the risk of confusion to the eye.

Vintage bedding sets give your bed a warm, inviting ancient feel. Their soft, natural fibers give them a smooth texture that is soft and comfortable against the skin. Match or contrast your vintage bedding sets to the rest of the room decor for a coordinated look.