Vintage Bed Sheets

Bed sheets play a critical role in the overall design of your bedroom. They bring along beauty and style but more importantly they say a lot about your creative personality. The luxury you enjoy in your bedroom is determined in a very big way by the quality of bed sheets you have invested in. If you happen to cherish true style, class and comfort, then vintage bed sheets are the bed room accessories that you need to invest in. They will offer you the best value for your money. When out shopping for these sheets, you need to consider the following factors;

The material used to make your vintage bed sheets matters a lot. Most vintage beddings are cotton-made. However, there are numerous materials which were used in ancient times and which are still used to make exotic bed sheets today. You will find silk, linen and even fiber to be quite popular. In ancient times, the technology of blending different materials to make bed sheets was not very sophisticated and therefore you shouldn’t fight hard trying to find a particular blended pair of bed sheets. The blends that were made then are still very exotic and of very high quality. You should note that most of the vintage bed sheets were only made using natural materials.

The fiber used to make bed sheets should be of the best quality. It is common to find bed sheets being made from long fibers. This is done to make the sheets strong. Of all the vintage bed sheets that you might come across today, Egyptian bed sheets take the crown in terms of quality and comfort. And not all Egyptian bed sheets are great; the ones that are made from the cotton thread from Pima and Sea Island are most preferred. It is however important to note whether the tag on the bed sheets says if they are 100% cotton. This means that the threads used are pretty short.

The way your vintage bed sheets have been woven determines to a great extent the comfort you get to enjoy in your bed and ultimately your life. A good bed sheet means that you get to enjoy uninterrupted sleep at night. The popular weaving styles used in the olden days included sateen, satin and percale. The weaving style used determines how soft and comfortable the bed sheets will be. The comfier and complex the weaving of the bed sheets is, the pricier the sheets become. By knowing the specific weaving style used on a bed sheet, it will be easy to tell just how comfortable and valuable the bed sheet is.

Today, for bed sheets to be given a high quality final touch, they are treated with chemicals. This was still the case in ancient times. However, people who love true vintage bed sheets worth their true price insist on buying untreated sheets. Sheets that are treated using chemicals tend to be stronger but are not as comfy as organic ones. Indeed, careful consideration of these factors will ensure that you end up with a good quality of vintage bed sheets.