Vintage Bed Frames

Your bed is definitely the most important investment in your bedroom. If you have a squeaking bed or one which wobbles, you will not be sleeping comfortably at night. It is little wonder that people have for the longest time been using the phrase ‘sleep like a king’ when they mean to say that they have had thoroughly restful sleep. A bed comprises of several components. One of the most important parts is the bed frame. A sturdy frame means that your bed is strong and it will serve you for a long time. On the other hand, a weak frame puts you at a risk. A weak bed frame can make you fall or just make your nights miserable.

When shopping for high quality vintage bed frames today, you will need to consider a number of factors which include the following:

The overall quality of the frame should be the primary determinant of whether you should go home with the bed or not. If the frame is in any way weak, you should not even consider taking it home with you. A frame which is broken will only serve to make your life miserable because you will be replacing some part of it every few months. Look carefully for any weakness on the frame. It is critical that you establish whether your vintage bed frame has ever been repaired.

Check for signs of wear and tear. Just like today, there were people who did not care enough for what they owned. You are therefore likely to come across bed frames which have been weakened because of misuse. For the best bed, you should check the frame whose legs are not worn out and whose original structure has withstood the test of time. A frame which still has sharp corners means that the original owner was careful. If on the other hand you come across a frame whose edges are rounded and battered, it is probably because the bed was mishandled previously. This could ultimately mean that the bed is weak.

The type of bed that you intend to buy determines what you should check out. A vintage hammock bed means that its frame should be very strong, else you might end up falling off the bed. The frame of a metal bunk bed should also be strong in order to prevent the person at the top bunk falling on the one sleeping on the lower bunker. Cabin beds or space saving beds which are rather plain might not require such a strong frame. However, as stated earlier, your comfort in the bed and subsequently your life, is determined in a big way by the kind of frame your bed has.

Several types of materials were used to make the large variety of vintage bed frames. Even though there weren’t a big variety of materials to pick from, bed frame makers could opt between the different types of woods. In more recent decades, there were beds which were made from metal or reinforced using the same. The type of material used to make the bed frame will determine how long you will enjoy your vintage bed.