Vintage Bedroom Decor

You’ve made up your mind to overhaul the look of your bedroom. After all, you’ve had the same look for so long it no longer excites you. It’s true what they say about the bedroom: that it is a private sanctuary where one unwinds and rejuvenates, renewing their energies in readiness for the world. When the bedroom stops being a source of relaxation, you can be sure that your wellness will be affected. Salvage the situation with vintage bedroom decor, the most visual and reenergizing form of bedroom decor you can ever consider. Vintage decor bears the warmth of yore and a calming ease that will bring sanity to any bedroom. If you’re unsure about taking the plunge and choosing an all-vintage bedroom, begin small; with a couple of vintage bedroom accessories or a single piece of large vintage furniture and see how you like it. As you slowly become sold out to the style, add a few more items little by little until you have your own custom vintage look in the bedroom. The fulfillment you get will swell over, being that you made it all on your own.

When starting out, coming up with viable vintage bedroom decor ideas can be daunting and even seem impossible. Get inspiration from home design magazines and websites. Leaf through their vintage entries to get ideas that you can apply to your bedroom. One of the best things about interior decor is that ideas are not localized and can be lifted and applied in a different environment. Choose the vintage ideas that resonate with you and adapt them in the bedroom, whether the idea was originally used in the kitchen, living room or family room. Chances are it will turn out great in the bedroom. To personalize the decor completely, ensure that it brings out aspects of your personality. One effective way of ensuring this happens is the use of contemporary and handmade accents that reflect your individuality.

Capitalize on the guaranteed high visibility of large pieces of furniture to create a vintage theme. For the bedroom, this can mean adding a vintage bed, vintage dresser, vintage chest of drawers or vintage wardrobe. Choose the item you want to make the center of attention and make it your vintage furniture of choice. The surrounding furniture should be subtle in design and form so that only the vintage furniture appears to be dominating the room. If you feel ready to embrace an all-vintage look, get a complete vintage bedroom set. This will have a bed, nightstands, dresser, wardrobe/armoire, chest of drawers, trunk, and vanity, all of them in vintage style. You can then decide to accessorize the room with non-vintage items or advance the vintage theme further by using vintage accessories like bedside lamps, curtains, rugs, pillows,  and lighting fixtures.

Make liberal use of vintage accessories to give the room a true retro feel and bring out the feel of vintage bedroom decor better. This is especially important if most of the furniture in the bedroom is non-vintage and you’re relying on only one or two pieces of furniture to carry the style. Scout the vintage section in stores for deals on vintage mirrors, racks, vanities, stands, and other accessories that can make your bedroom look traditional and completely vintage. Used item corners in home furnishing and furniture stores are usually treasure hubs for all things vintage. Consider improvising and converting some existing vintage items into your desired tools. For instance, place a vintage wooden box on handmade wood legs to create an ornamental stool and place it beside the bed or in any other conspicuous part of the bedroom. Of course this will call for you to engage your creative eye and mind and be willing to create new things from existing pieces of vintage items. Arrange smaller vintage items in a pattern on the wall as part of the wall decor.

Perhaps one of the most conspicuous aspects of vintage bedroom decor has to do with color and texture. Even if you have an enviable collection of fine vintage furniture, you’ll be detracting from the style if you use the wrong combination of color and texture. Vintage colors are predominantly soft and subtle. Pastels, earth colors and light shades of green, blue and olive are all good color choices. Make a color palette using two or three of these colors and use this as your room colors and the foundation of your decor. To help you understand where exactly you can use color, consider walls, the ceiling, floor, drapes, bedding and furniture finishing. Be careful not to use too many colors as they can end up looking jumbled and  artistically confusing. The same applies to patterns. Vintage styles are all about soft patterns. Steer away from hard solids and very busy patterns. Instead, opt for delicate florals and soft patterns. Anything that gives a strong personality vibe is a no. Rather, choose fabrics that look soft, warm and inviting. Combine different textures, taking care to avoid very rough and tough textures. Like colors, vintage textures are soft, inviting you to touch them. Vary the materials so that you have two or three different textures across the room.

Be mindful of the decor styles you introduce into the room. Some design styles are quite strong and may draw the eye away from the vintage set-up. Some of these include industrial style designs and furniture, modern minimalist furniture styles, bright urban designs and bold art deco. Keep any additional decorations you use in the bedroom subtle and try as much as possible to ensure that they have the same soft shades of colors shared across your vintage display. Replacing modern lighting fixtures with vintage fixtures and lamp shades will go a long way in advancing a vintage bedroom decor. Likewise, replace modern shaggy mats with vintage Persian rugs or other forms of traditional woven rugs to give your floor a real worn feel and look.

Successful vintage bedroom decor entails use of both vintage furniture items and accessories in careful combination. Blend these gently with soft vintage colors and textures to set the look firmly in place.