Vintage Beds

A bed is a place where you lie down and relax. It is a place where your inner peace is restored and your resolve for many things in life made. A bed in many cases is the most important investment in your home. It is a place of pleasure which ultimately defines how you relate with the rest of the world. Beds were in use from as early as 14th B.C; at least as per recorded human history. Today, there are many bedroom furniture experts who know the different types of beds that you can sample. Among the popular options that you can pick from any reliable dealer is a vintage bed.

Vintage beds are very popular especially among the people who value history and Victorian kind of art and style. These beds tend to be colorful in their own unique way. Such bedroom furniture items will take quite some space in a room and will often help you make a strong statement of magnificence and style. Their grandeur and elegance only serves to endear you to them and once you fall in love with this antique kind of furniture, there will be no stopping you.

When buying vintage beds today, you will need to bear in your mind several facts and features of these all important bedroom furniture. They include;

Check the legs. In many instances, it is the legs that will help you determine how old a bed is. You will also be able to tell whether the bed is in good condition or not. Moreover, the feet are good indicators of the value such a bed should have irrespective of what the furniture dealer or auctioneer purports. Some of the ‘feet’ that you will encounter include claw, block, hoof, cuff, lion’s paw and arrow.

Take time to identify the vintage beds featured in the market. A vintage bed is any bed that was made before 1950s – for most people. The more recent a bed is, the easier it will be to understand and evaluate it. When you find a bed with sharp corners, it means that it was made using high quality materials but it also means that the owner was sophisticated and careful of their assets. Anything made after 1840s comes with circular saw marks and smooth edges. This is the time during which the power saw started being used.

Point out a reproduction from an original vintage bed. This requires that you spend time learning the terminology relating to antique furniture. In order to know whether the dealer is pulling your leg, you need to carry a magnifying glass, pins and other necessary testing tools. Some of the telltale signs that a bed is truly vintage include signs of warping, rugged corners and edges. While at it, check the maker’s inscriptions on the bed. Note that if a bed shows no signs of imperfection, it is probably a reproduction.

When buying a vintage bed or any other bedroom furniture, it is important that you establish its worth. This process involves you determining the era that you are interested in. Examine the bed to determine its condition and quality and subsequently its worth.